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Calendar of Events

Swim Lessons

Register for swim lessons at the Camp Lejeune Area 2 Pool (call 910.451.2024), MCAS New River Indoor Pool (call 910.449.4307) or Wallace Creek Indoor Pool (call 910.450.7659).
Individual Swim Lessons

In these one-on-one classes, the student & instructor work together to design the curriculum.

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Group Saturday School

Learn to swim in this weekly class made for beginning, intermediate, or advanced swimmers.

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Individual Saturday Swim School

Learn to swim in this weekly class made for beginning, intermediate, or advanced swimmers.

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Learn to Swim Group Lessons

Learn-To-Swim with us this! We are hosting American Red Cross Swim Lessons for all levels.

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American Red Cross Programs

Water Safety Instructor

Learn to teach American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim classes and other water safety classes.

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Lifeguarding Instructor

Provides training for teaching the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Course.

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Lifeguard Certfication

Blended Learning - Gain the knowledge and skills needed to prevent and to respond to aquatic emergencies.

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Lifeguard Recertification

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to prevent and to respond to aquatic emergencies.

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SCUBA Diving Programs

SCUBA Discovery

This class teaches skills such as equalizing your ears, buddy checks, basic buoyancy control, underwater communication, and more.

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Open Water Scuba

This beginner SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course is designed to give you the necessary skills to safely conduct open water dives.

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Computer Nitrox

This intermediate-level SCUBA course covers the use of nitrox mixtures from 22 to 40 percent oxygen.
*This is a non-diving course.

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Additional SCUBA classes

Other SCUBA classes are available upon request. To schedule a class, call the Aquatics office. Price includes boat and entry fees.

Future Buddies $195 Learn more
Advanced Buoyancy Control $130 Learn more
Computer Diver $195 Learn more
CPROX 1stAED $130 Learn more
Inactive Diver/Refresher $195 Learn more
Rescue Diver $350 Learn more
Advanced Adventure $390 Learn more
Boat Diver $230 Learn more
Marine Ecosystems Awareness $230 Learn more
Search and Recovery Diver $195 Learn more
Underwater Navigation $195 Learn more
Deep Diver $390 Learn more
Equipment Specialist $130 Learn more
Night/Limited Visibility $195 Learn more
Dive master $910 Learn more
Assistant Instructor $1,300 Learn more
Snorkler (Age 5 and up) $130 Learn more
Full Face Mask Diver $260 Learn more
Sidemount $325 Learn more
Underwater Photography $260 Learn more
Wreck Diver $325 Learn more
Instructor Course
Instructor Development Course ($2,080)
Instructor Evaluation Course ($520)
$2,600 Learn more
Specialty Instructor $390 Learn more
Students are required to furnish all required equipment and pay all site entry and/or charter fees; all learning materials will be furnished by the instructor

Registration and Policies


Winter and Spring Registration for all classes begins December 3, 2018. All registration ends one (1) week prior to the first day of class to establish schedule.

Please register for classes at Area2 Pool (Mon-Thu 8:30AM - 4:30PM), New River Indoor Pool (Mon-Thu 8:30AM - 4:30PM), and Wallace Creek Pool (Mon-Thu 8:30AM - 4:30PM).

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Refunds are authorized when:

  1. Refund request must be received at least 48 hours prior to the start of the scheduled class.
  2. Documented PCS moves and medical reasons.
  3. Unusual situations on a case by case basis. Such cases do not include fear of dislike or lack of interest of the student, or scheduling conflicts that arise inside 48 hours prior to the start of class.

Refunds are not authorized for circumstances related to weather or pool operations. In such cases, we will do our best to reschedule class time, or reassign the student to another class session.

Classes cancelled due to weather or pool operations will be offered a make-up day to be determined at a later date.

Requests for refunds are to be submitted in writing and given to Aquatics Management, including class receipt, and any additional supporting documentation such as copies of PCS orders or a doctor’s statement.

Refunds will be made within one week of the completion of the class.