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    John A. Lejeune Education Center

      Bldg 825 Stone St., Camp Lejeune

      Monday - Friday: 8AM - 4:30PM (Expect a response within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays)

    Phone -  910-451-3091/910-450-9081
    DSN -  751.3091

    MCAS New River Education Center

      Bldg AS-212 Bancroft St., MCAS New River

      Monday - Friday: 8AM - 4:30PM (Expect a response within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays)

    Phone -  910-449-5421/910-449-6623
    DSN - 752.6233

    Education Counselors at Education Assistance can assist personnel in starting or completing their journey towards their college degree. Questions about our core services should be directed to the education center staff. We look forward to assisting our customers with these and any other educational needs.

    School Inquiry

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    Testing Center

     John A. Lejeune Education Center
        Bldg 825 Stone Street
        Camp Lejeune

      Monday - Thursday: 7:00AM - 4:00PM
         Friday: 7:00AM - 1:30PM

    Military Testing

    Military classification tests are available to all active duty and reserve personnel for all military branches of service. Personnel are required to submit the appropriate paperwork to the John A. Lejeune Education Center - Testing Department – Room 120. Click on the links provided to download the mandated exam authorizations forms. Appropriate Command signatures are required.

    Testing Center

     John A. Lejeune Education Center
        Bldg 825 Stone Street
        Camp Lejeune

      Monday - Thursday: 7:00AM - 4:00PM
         Friday: 7:00AM - 1:30PM

    *Rush scoring does not exist for ACT/SAT or AFCT tests. Allow nine weeks for SAT scores and four weeks for ACT scores.

    Testing Restriction

    Testing services are restricted to authorized base personnel only – active/reserve military, military spouses and retirees, DoD and NAF personnel, and individuals attending on base classes. Download testing fliers for complete exam information, registration, fees, dates & times, etc.

    Paper-Based Proctor Services

    Limited paper-based proctoring services are available. Authorization required. Contact 910.451.9289 to schedule a sit-down appointment with the Testing Officer to complete all necessary proctor request forms, and review facility policies and procedures.

    Computer-based Proctor Services

    Personnel needing computer-based proctoring services are required to seek alternate proctoring sites. Students are responsible for paying all applicable fees, if they apply. Students may click here for a list of local schools offering this service, or seek their own arrangements elsewhere.

    webTA Portal

    WebTA Steps

    Step One - Assessment Test

    There are five options to meeting this requirement.

    • If a Marines GT score is 100 or above, the assessment requirement is waived. Our office can view a Marine’s GT score through the webTA portal, so no paperwork has to be submitted for the waiver.
    • If a Marine has proof of prior college with grades of C or better in college-level math and English courses, provide a copy of your transcript.
    • Complete the miniTABE test (with a grade of 10.2 or higher in both math and English) at the Coastal Carolina Community College’s Learning Lab in the Camp Lejeune or MCAS New River Education Centers. Please verify the lab hours and staffing before coming in to take the test.
    • Complete a pre-test assessment test (with a grade of 80% or higher in math and English) on the Peterson’s Academic Skills Training website under the OASC section. All participants must register to use the site. (
    • Elect to not complete an assessment and be limited to one course at a time until successful completion of twelve (12) semester hours.

    Action Item: Upload the documentation into your webTA portal that correlates to one of the five options listed above.

    Step Two - Ensure Completion of PFM PRS Course

    Per current USMC Tuition Assistance Guidelines, prior to TA approval all first-time TA applicants will complete the Personal Financial Management (PFM) Program Course J3O P-US1395 Personal Readiness Seminar (PRS) within 90 days of arrival at the first permanent duty station by registering for any upcoming PRS class on Camp Lejeune or MCAS New River or via Joint Knowledge Online (JKO).

    Action Item: Go to and select J3O P-US1395 from the course catalog. Once you complete the course, upload a copy of your completion certificate to your webTA account.

    Step Three -Contact the Education Office for an Education Orientation Brief

    The current USMC Tuition Assistance Guidelines will list all TA eligibility criteria, funding amounts, guidelines, policies, and procedures. It can be obtained on the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) website or through the installation Education Center.

    Action Item:Action Item: Go to and review the guidelines.

    Step Four - Notify the Education Office of Progress

    Action Item: To ensure your webTA portal is updated and clear for TA submission, please send an email to to let us know you have uploaded the necessary TA eligibility documentation. If you have issues uploading the documentation, please attach it to your email. Include your Name, EDIPI number, and a brief note summarizing what you have completed in the body of the email.

    Step Five - Review webTA Instruction Flyer

    Review the webTA Instruction Sheet for details of the entire process. You will be required to upload the two documents below.

    Degree Plan/Curriculum. This is a complete list of all the courses required for a degree. This document is required the first time military TA is used; it must be updated once an official evaluation is completed by the college/university.

    Statement of Fees. This is a Camp Lejeune-New River requirement. This documentation should show the term start and end dates, course information, and course cost. Our office uses this documentation to verify that everything on your request is correct before we authorize the funding for your TA.

    What Education Center Should You Use?

    East Coast/East of the Mississippi
    MCB Camp Lejeune, NC

    West Coast/West of the Mississippi
    MCB Camp Pendleton, CA
    MCAS Miramar, CA

    Deployments to Okinawa (UDP)
    MCB Camp Butler, Okinawa
    MCAS Miramar, CA
    I&I Duty Personnel
    MARFORRES New Orleans
    West of the Mississippi
    MCRD San Diego, CA
    East of the Mississippi
    MCRD Parris Island, SC

    Colleges and Universities Aboard Base

    Coastal Carolina Community College
    Camp Lejeune - 910.451.2391
    MCAS New River - 910-449-6926/5369

    Local Programs

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    Camp Lejeune - 910.893.7059


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    University of North Carolina Wilmington
    Camp Lejeune - 910.451.5266
    CCCC Office - 910.938.6736
    MCAS New River - 910.449.4440
    Testing - 910.962.8378

    Local Programs

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    MCAS New River - 910.449.6250

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    Webster University
    Camp Lejeune - 910.467.0422
    MCAS New River - 910.467.0423

    Local Programs

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    Embry Riddle
    Camp Lejeune - 910.451.0174
    Microsoft Systems Academy - 910.451.7253

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