Greetings MARSOC Mud Sweat & Tears Runners!

**Race Day - Important Information**:
1. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE INSIDE THE GATE PRIOR TO 8:30 AM. We ask that runners car pool to help minimize the environmental impact.

2. The first wave of the race will begin promptly at 9 a.m.. Those requiring a pass to board Stone Bay should arrive early to ensure sufficient time to get your pass and arrive at the race site. The race site is approximately 1 mile from the Stone Bay gate.   

3. Passes on race day are required and can be picked up at the Marine Federal adjacent to the Stone Bay gate entrance by those that provided the required information upon registering in advance. If you pre-registered, and did not provide the necessary information for your base pass, you will need to be vetted through the Main Gate at Camp Lejeune.


On-site registration will be held at the race site on Saturday, April 25, 6-7:30AM. Due to security requirements, on-site registration will be open only to those people who have Base access (vehicle decal) and valid DoD ID.

Don’t Have Base Access?
If you don’t have Base access, you will have two options:

1. Ride with someone who has Base access and they can sponsor you on Base and you can register; or

2. Get vetted through the Main Gate at Camp Lejeune. This will require extra time, which could be up to a 1 hour travel time to the race site (one way). You will need to budget for travel and processing.


Race Start times:
5-Mile Mud Run: The race will begin at 9 a.m.  In order to alleviate congestion at obstacles, we will start in waves of 10 minute intervals.  There will be 150 runners assigned per wave with approximately 10 -12 waves.  Your wave designator will be indicated on your bib.  Waves will be determined by your average mile run time and by random selection, if a time is not available. We will trust that you place yourself in the correct wave.  PLEASE do not get into a faster wave than you can run as this will cause congestion on the course. If you wish to run with friends / team members or family in a wave behind yours, you may move backwards into that wave.   

1-mile Fun Run:  The fun run will begin AFTER the last wave of the 5 mile. The one mile is a fun run and will not be held on the same course as the 5 Mile challenge.

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