Hard Corps Series

Hard Corps Power Club

Hard Corps Power Club is a weightlifting club. You become a member once you can successfully complete 3 lifts (Bench Press, Deadlift, and Squat) at one of the below listed poundage.

About/Poundage How it Works

Participating Fitness Centers

  Area 2 Fitness Center

  Camp Geiger

  Courthouse Bay

  HITT Center, Camp Lejeune

Power Club Members

  Women's 300

  Women's 500

  Men's 500

  Women's 700

  Men's 1000

  Men's 1500

Men's 2000

Hard Corps Powerlifting Competition

January 20, 2018
H.I.T.T. Center, Camp Lejeune

Event Registration Opens Oct 1, 2017!

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Rules for the Bench Deadlifts Wraps
Powerlifting Clinic
Push-Pull Meet

French Creek Fitness Center

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Rules for the Bench
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Classic Competition

Next Competition TBA
Camp Lejeune Base Theater

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General Rules For All Competitors

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Mandatory Poses

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