2017 Hiring Freeze

The hiring freeze affecting all government employees is now affecting our ability to conduct business as usual.

With our highly transient workforce, employees leave on a continuous basis, requiring us to constantly hire in order to maintain adequately staffed programs and facilities at a standard level. As we continue to be included in the hiring freeze, and our current staffing levels continue to be reduced, it has become necessary to alter our current operations, either by temporarily consolidating services, curtailing hours of operation, suspending programs, or closing facilities.

Future impacts will most likely involve the following:

Further shortening of hours of operation.

Cancellation of some activities and programs.

Additional temporary closure of facilities.

Current Impacts

Child Development Centers

Effective 23 Feb: Hourly childcare at our Child Development Centers has been suspended.

Shopping & Services

Effective 27 Feb:

  • II MEF Marine Mart will reduce hours of operation to 0700-1400, Mon-Fri.
  • Naval Hospital Marine Mart will reduce hours of operation to 0700-1400, Mon-Fri.

Effective 5 Mar:

  • Berkeley Express (Snack Bar inside the Berkeley Manor Marine Mart) will reduce hours of operation to 0630-1330, Mon-Fri.
  • Starbucks at the Main Exchange Mall will close at 2000 instead of 2100.

Effective 6 Mar:

  • Central Marine Mart will reduce hours to 0600-1300, Mon-Fri. Pay-at-pump fuel will be available 24/7.

Effective 12 Mar:

  • Wallace Creek Fitness Center will reduce hours to 0400-2200, Mon-Fri, and 0800-2000 on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Effective 15 Mar:

  • Hadnot Point Marine Mart will reduce hours of operation to 0600-1400, Mon-Fri.
    During this time, Western Union will be temporarily unavailable at this location. The nearest offices are French Creek Marine Mart or the Camp Lejeune Main Exchange.


Onslow Beach Office will continue to observe Winter hours.

Camp Lejeune Recreation Equipment Issue will continue to observe Winter hours.

New River Recreation Equipment will remain closed. Equipment that is New River specific will be available at the Camp Lejeune office.