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We are here to provide assistance in the application process. Please contact us.

Marine Corps Community Services Human Resources Office

Bldg 1401, West Road
Camp Lejeune, NC 28542

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910-451-JOBS (5627)

 Mon - Fri 0730-1500

Email us with questions:

Please do not send resumes, applications/supporting documents to this email box, as we can no longer accept them via email. Visit our careers page to apply.

Assessment Questions


What are Assessment Questions and why are Assessment Questions required?
  • Assessment questions are critical elements of the application process. Assessment questions enable the Staffing team to evaluate
    your qualifications for the position among other candidates. Responses to these questions enable us to quantify and qualify
    experience that candidates must possess in order to perform the major duties of the position.


How do I submit my Assessment Questions?

  • During the online application process while applying for specific positions applicants must attach responses to the Assessment
    Questions. The Assessment Questions are found in the Qualifications of the Job Posting Section. Please follow one of the options
    listed below:

Upload a resume and REQUIRED responses to Assessment Questions, labeled A, B, C, etc. as the last page of your resume (Assessment Questions will be found in the Job Posting).


Copy and paste your resume text and REQUIRED responses to Assessment Questions, labeled A, B, C, etc. at the conclusion

of your resume (Assessment Questions will be found in the Job Posting).

If you choose to apply without using a resume, you must include responses to the REQUIRED Assessment Questions
in this job posting as an attachment to your profile under “My Career Tools” (Assessment Questions will be found in the Job Posting).  Please name the file “Assessment Questions-Job Title-Job #”.



What information should my Assessment Questions contain?

  • Specific position titles and organization name (current and former NAF employees include NAF grade level).
  • Annotate employment status for example: Flexible/Part Time/Full Time.
  • Employment dates (month/year).
  • Examples in detail for each work experience listed.


Volunteer Experience?

  • The amount of credit received for volunteer, internships and practicums is based on the amount of hours per week spent. Be sure to include the average hours per week worked in volunteer roles.


How much experience should I include in my Assessment Questions?

  • Your Assessment Question responses can be based on work, volunteer, internship or practicum experience. There is no limit on how far back your related experience may be credited.


Does classroom experience receive credit?

  • Student experience within a class other than internship or practicum will not be counted as experience. For example, taking a Microsoft Office class is not counted as related experience.
  • Experience is credited for time spent demonstrating a skill, versus time spent learning that skill in a classroom environment.


How do I list multiple positions with one company?

  • Annotate employment dates (month/year) for each position separately to convey related experiences for each position held. Be sure to include specific position titles.


How do I list positions with similar duties at different companies?

  • If you have held numerous positions with related experience throughout your work history, be sure to list them separately to include specific position titles and employment dates (month/year) in reference to the specific Assessment Question. If related experience is the same information for multiple responses to the Assessment Questions, repeated answers are acceptable.


What experience do I include in the Assessment responses?

  • Only list relative experience related to the Assessment Question. Your Assessment Question responses will be evaluated only on relevant experience related to the question asked.

Sample Assessment Question