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Marine Corps Community Services, Lejeune-New River “We’re Proud to Serve You!”

Marine Corps Community Services, Lejeune-New River is a service organization. Our mission is to promote the readiness and retention of Marines and their families by delivering programs, products and services of value to the Camp Lejeune community and to do so in a manner that makes a positive difference in the lives of the people our organization exists to serve.


MCCS Lejeune-New River Welcomes new Assistant Chief of Staff, Ms. Sarah Wiltgen
Click here to read Ms. Wiltgen's Letter of Welcome.



Sarah Wiltgen
Sarah Wiltgen

Assistant Chief of Staff, MCCS

John Olson
Mr. Fred Cone

Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, MCCS

Sarah Wiltgen
George Dentel

Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, MCCS

Wynn Hildreth
Mr. Wynn Hildreth

Operations Officer


MCCS Division Directors

Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas

Director, Marine & Family Programs Division


The Marine and Family Programs Division of MCCS, Camp Lejeune provides four major programs that offer a wide variety of services designed to strengthen our military community. Programs are designed first and foremost to enhance mission, individual/family readiness, resilience, and retention. We provide assistance that supports the diverse interest and needs of all we serve.
• Family Readiness Program
• Family Care Program
• Personal & Professional Development Program
• Behavioral Health Program


Paul Nilsen
Mr. Paul Nilsen

Director, Semper Fit Division


Semper Fit provides fitness, recreation, and sports facilities and programs.
Semper Fit also coordinates the Single Marine Program.






Charlie Hoopes
Mr. Charlie Hoopes

Director, Services Division


Services provides the latest in vending products, florist, professional barber services, dry cleaning, and leisure-time activities including Golf Courses, Bowling Center, and Information, Tickets, and Tours (ITT).





Carl Mencer

Mr. Carl Mencer

Director, Retail Division


The Retail Division provides valuable goods and services to customers at the best possible prices through exchanges, service stations, Marine Marts, and military clothing stores.





Wanda Colwell

Ms. Wanda Colwell

Director, Clubs & Catering Division


Clubs and Catering is responsible for the Paradise Point Officers’ Club, The SNCO Club, Marston Pavilion, Stone Street Community Center, and Catering.





Andy Ennett

Mr. Andrew Ennett

Director, Human Resources Division


Human Resources cares for MCCS's most precious resource, Employees. Human Resources does its utmost to meet the professional needs for those who embody the motto, “We’re Proud To Serve You.”





Jose Cabrera

Mr. Jose Cabrera

Director, Review & Analysis Division


Review & Analysis provides management analysis and assistance to all MCCS divisions as well as being responsible for annual retail inventories.





Kim Oliver

Ms. Kim Oliver

Director, Marketing Division


Marketing provides advertising and public relations support to all MCCS divisions.





Michael Smith

Mr. Michael Smith

Chief Financial Officer
Director, Financial Management Division


Financial Management provides complete financial support for all of MCCS. Financial Management helps with budgeting and oversees all of MCCS’s appropriated and non-appropriated funds. Financial Management also provides payroll support.



Deana Browne

Ms. Deana Browne

Director, Purchasing and Contracting Division


The purchasing and Contracting Division oversees and administrates all purchasing and contractual requirements for Marine Corps Community Services, Camp Lejeune.




Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers

Director, Food and Hospitality Division


Food and Hospitality is responsible for snack bars, Lejeune Inn, Ball Center, HEROZ Sports Bar, the food court at the Main Exchange, special events, and indirect food establishments including Subway, Burger King, Domino's, and Michaelangelos.




Todd Carver
Todd Carver

Director, Facilities & Maintenance Division


Facilities & Maintenance keeps buildings and facilities in working order. They repair and maintain a wide variety of equipment, and also perform many different types of construction and renovation work.




Bill Lowery
Bill Lowery

Director, Lodging Division


Responsible for directing all phases of multiple lodging operations to include, Inns of the Corps Lejeune and Onslow Beach.