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Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS)

Transition Readiness Seminar


The Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS) is designed to give Marines and their families ownership of their transition from the military to the civilian. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend TRS, and can be enrolled through the Unit Transition Counselor or Career Planner.


The TRS process consists of two components:
CORE Curricula
  • TRS Overview
  • Individual Transition Plan
  • Pre-separation Counseling
  • VA Benefits
  • Reserve Opportunities and Obligations
  • Marine for Life
  • Personal Finance Management


Pathway Workshop
  • Employment Pathway -
    Facilitated by the Department of Labor and educates about successfully entering
    the workforce.
  • Career/Technical Pathway -
    Teaches all components of entering a Two Year College and/or Trade School.
  • College/University Education Pathway -
    Teaches all components of entering a Four Year College, Graduate School.
  • Professional School Entrepreneurship Pathway -
    Teaches the necessary skills to start successful ventures.

Click here for the
Pre-Separation Timelines


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2014 Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS)

2015 Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS)


Transition Readiness Seminar's Pre-Work Webinars

Pre-Retirement Seminar


The Pre-Retirement Seminar is held quarterly, suggested attendance is two years prior to retirement and again within 6 months of retirement. Spouses are encouraged to attend. Brief covers all benefits, entitlements, and services relative to the military retiree as well as the Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS) Brief.


  • Attendee’s need to bring 3 copies of DD Form 2648, obtained from the
    Unit Transition Counselors/Career Retention Specialists, on page 5 of both sets
    need to be signed by Unit Transition Counselor
  • Reservations can be made by contacting your Career Planner or Unit Transition Counselor
  • Civilian Attire is authorized for the Pre-Retirement Seminar ONLY
  • Encouraged to bring laptops or iPads
  • Recommended check-in time is 0700


NOTE: **The Pre-Retirement Seminar is for Retirees only.


Click here for the Retirement Timeline Spreadsheet


How to Obtain Your VMET

How To Obtain Your Verification of Military Experience
and Training (VMET)


Only individuals with military service on or after 10/1/90 and
have an active CAC Card or an active MyPay Pin

  • Go to DMDC website by clicking here.

  • Click on Login
  • Review Self-Service Consent to Monitor and Accessibility/Section 508 and
    then click on ok.
  • You may login by using a DS Login Username and Password or CAC Card or
    you may Register for a DS Account.
  • After logging in, go to the VMET area and open your VMET PDF file and print.

Contact Us


Contact Info

Transition Readiness

824 Stone Street, Transition Readiness Seminar Complex

 Mon - Fri 0715-1630
For Holiday Hours, click here.


Appointments Preferred, Walk-Ins Welcome.



Contact Info

Transition Assistance Advisor at Stone Bay

Bldg. RR-4, Room 215 | 910-440-1396/451-4201

 Wed 0800-1630
For Holiday Hours, click here.


Transition Readiness Seminar Advisors


Transition Readiness Seminar NR


Transition Readiness Seminar LinkedIn


Career Technical Training Track


Learning Counts


National Vocational & Technical Career Hiring Expo


Troops for Teachers


Resume Review Service


Classes Check-in Time

All TRANSITION READINESS SEMINARS, PRE-RETIREMENT SEMINARS and PATHWAYS will start at 0730. Check-in no later than 0700.

You MUST check-in prior to attending class. Please plan accordingly for potential traffic problems.

Appropriate civilian attire is authorized for Transition Readiness Seminars and Pre-Retirement Seminars.

Spouses are encouraged to attend TRS.

Admittance Requirements

On the first day of class, bring two sets of the following:

Click here for the TRS Budget

Quick Links

Postsecondary Education Complaint System

Transition Readiness Video Overview