Attend the Transition Readiness Seminar (including Retirement & ETRS) no later than 180 days prior to EAS: You CANNOT BE REGISTERED for TRS without completing IC and Pre-Separation Counseling first.

Contact your UTC to schedule TRS/Retirement/ETRS:

Attend TRS/Retirement/ETRS:

Core (CRS) Deliverables:

The following Career Readiness Standards (CRS) will be covered in class and are deliverables during Step 4 – Capstone Review.

 Self-assessment/Individual Transition Plan - ALL TIERS
 Budget - TIER 2 & 3, optional TIER 1
 Gap Analysis - TIER 2 & 3, optional TIER 1

2 - Day Track CRS Deliverables:

 Employment Track: Draft Resume - TIER 3, optional for TIER 1 & 2
 Education Track: Comparison of Colleges/Universities - TIER 3, optional for TIER 1 & 2
 Vocational Track: Comparison of Technical Schools - TIER 3, optional for TIER 1 & 2
• Entrepreneurial Track - None

Participant Guides - TRS Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Managing Your (MY) Transition   Guide   Presentation
Military Occupational Code (MOC) Crosswalk   Guide   Presentation
Financial Planning   Guide   Presentation

Department of Labor (DOL) 1-Day

 Employment Fundamentals of Career Transition

Veterans Affairs

 VA Benefits & Services Participant Guide

2-Day Transition Tracks

Employment Track: DOL Employment Workshop (DOLEW) Visit Site  
DOL Career & Credential Exploration (C2E) Vocational Workshop Visit Site  
Managing Your (MY) Education (MYEd) Workshop Guide Presentation
Entrepreneurial Track: Boots to Business (B2B) Entrepreneurial Workshop Visit Site Create Account

Recommended materials to have during class: